Revised May, 2024 – Resource, Directorate General of Migration Management Turkey.
While executing the duties and authorities assigned and vested by Law No. 6458 of 11.04.2013 on Foreigners and International Protection, our Directorate General aims at performing most of its services electronically in line with modern management principles. In this framework, e-development Project was started by Prime Ministry Presidency of Development of the Administration e-State Consultancy Group with the aim of efficient use of information technologies and developing strategies and action plans for operation of managerial designs and work flows electronically.

E-organisation project coordination meeting of our directorate general was held in the Prime Ministry on 7 November 2013 with the participation of senior representatives from 20 institutions. The meeting started with the opening remarks by Undersecretary of Prime Ministry Murteza Balcı which is followed by Atilla Toros’ presentation about Migration Management. After the presentation, representatives from the institutions mentioned about some important issues, and then Prime Ministry Deputy Chairman of e-State Consultancy Group Mustafa Afyonluoğlu gave brief information about the project.

Participants of the meeting are;

Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Justice,

Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Family and Social Policies,

Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Finance,

Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of National Education and relevant representatives,

General Director Service Delivery and relevant representatives from Social Security Institution

Deputy General Director from the Presidency of Land Registry and Cadastre,

Deputy General Director of Civil Registry and Citizenship

Head of Foreigners’ Working Permit Department from Ministry of Labour and Social Security

Head of Department from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant representatives

Head of Department from Ministry of Customs and Trade

Head of Departments from National Intelligence Agency

Head of Department from Presidency of Turk Abroad and Related Communities

Head of Foreigners Border Asylum Department, Deputy Head and representatives from General Directorate of Security

Representatives from General Commandership of Gendarmerie

Representatives from Commandership of Coastal Security

Representatives from Chief Commander’s Office

Assistant Secretary General from Higher Education Presidency

Deputy President of Turkish Statistics Institute

President, Deputy President and group members of Prime Ministry E-state Consultancy Group

General Director, Deputy General Director and Heads of Departments from Directorate General for Migration Management participated, as well.